Congratulations to Harry Gibbons, awarded the Washington State Lake Protection Association’s (WALPA) Secchi Disk Award.


“In 2017 the Board is honored to present the Secchi Disk Award to Harry Gibbons! Harry’s long career in lake and reservoir restoration and management (not to mention all the stream and river restoration work) has been devoted to bettering the science of lake management and advocating for lake protection in Washington State and across the United States. Harry was a founding member of WALPA and has served on the WALPA board both as a director and President in 1990. Harry also served on the NALMS (North American Lake Management Society) board of directors for three different terms, one as President Elect, President and Past President. In 2012, Harry was recognized by NALMS and given their Secchi Disk Award for his outstanding technical contributions and service to help promote lake management. This year WALPA is proud to follow suit and Harry was unanimously voted to be the recipient of our annual award of recognition.”