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Managing Algae Problems – Now Available!

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The Series

Lake Management Best Practices™ is a series of brief, readable publications describing effective, reliable best practices.  Through these publications, Lakerocks-for-aaron-iii_tonemapped-smaller Advocates provides objective, science-based lake management information.  This is especially important in light of improved lake management techniques and as well as the emergence of lake management techniques and technologies that have yeto be proven reliable or effective.

We have designed the series to be readily available to a wide audience by making them short and readable – also affordable.  By using print-on-demand and eBooks, we can keep these publications current and easily add content, clarifications and new information.

In addition, we invite readers’ questions and comments to our blog, where we will provide responses, which will be the basis for periodic updates.

The first book in the series – Lake Management Best Practices: Managing Algae Problems will be available soon – it is taking a bit longer pending review as well as acquiring some cool pictures and graphics – it will be worth the wait, we promise (February 2017).