Lake Advocates is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.


Fish and FLower Petals WatermarkOur Imperative

Lake protection, management and restoration policies, programs, plans and projects should be scientifically based, use proven technologies/techniques and result in tangibly healthier lakes.

Lake Advocates was founded to meet these demands.

Our Mission

Lake Advocates will advocate and facilitate scientifically-based lake protection, management and restoration through applied research, policy development, training, case studies, leadership development to federal, state and local agencies and organizations charged with stewarding our lake health now and for the next generations. Lake Advocates services will be delivered using a network of experienced professionals.

Our Values

Active, Engaged Communities. Lake Advocates values communities that are engaged in the management of their lake(s) resources and takes positive actions to sustain their lake(s).

Healthy Lake Ecosystems. Lake Advocates values total lake health, including a diverse biota sustained by a functioning ecosystem.

Scientifically Sound Management Principles and Practices. Lake Advocates values management approaches supported by sound science.

Citizen Engagement. Lake Advocates values the ability of citizens advocate for meaningful and lasting changes in policy and practice at appropriate levels – by property owners, individuals, developers, policymakers, and others.

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