Programs & Services

Client, Community Services

Lake Advocates provides individualized consulting services to help clients and communities better protect, manage or restore their lakes.

Agency Support

Lake Advocates provides technical expertise, applied research & education to federal, state and local agencies.

Policy Analysis

Lake Advocates provides,  policy analysis on emerging issues and advocacy (as allowed by our nonprofit status).

Applied Research and Demonstrations

Lake Advocates designs, manages and directs applied research and demonstration projects.


Lake Advocates provides training for specific lake protection, management or restoration needs.  Training topics include compliance, monitoring, technologies, modeling and other topics.

Product and Services Evaluations

Lake Advocates assists clients and communities in evaluating appropriate products, services or proposals to assure they receive the most effective solutions.

Program Reviews

Lake Advocates assists agencies, communities and others with program reviews to assure compliance, efficacy and tangible outcomes.


Lake Advocates provides research, editorial and writing services for lake management publications.


Lake Advocates provides mediation, arbitration and facilitation services.

Other Services

Please contact Lake Advocates for assistance with lake restoration, management and protection needs.

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